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Tillo WingFoil 1600

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10.50 LBS
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  • Tillo WingFoil 1600 (SKU-TILLO-WINGF-1600)
  • Tillo WingFoil 1600 (SKU-TILLO-WINGF-1600)
  • Tillo WingFoil 1600 (SKU-TILLO-WINGF-1600)
  • Tillo WingFoil 1600 (SKU-TILLO-WINGF-1600)


Made by TAAROA


This pack includes the following elements:

  • The LA1600 is the ultimate innovation for across-the-board performance in all-new foiling disciplines. A Low Aspect ratio front wing, it's designed to be versatile and progressive.

  • 75 fuselage: The 75 offers the best compromise between accessibility and modularity in our range. It is designed to perform across all foiling disciplines, including kite, wind, wing, and surf foil.

  • 300 stabilizer: The 3000 is the most stable, progressive and versatile in our range. Adapted to all foil disciplines, it offers an excellent balance between stability and performance.

  • UP Aluminum Mast 75/85: The UP high quality Aluminum mast is available in 2 sizes: 75, and 85 cm. The most accessible in our line, it is light and rigid, and can be used across all foiling disciplines, including surf, wake, kite, wing, and first flights in windfoil. 

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