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SUP Accessories

  • 810 SUP TAXI

    810 SUP TAXI

    The Thule SUP Taxi locks your stand-up paddle board to the roof of your vehicle (your 4wd canyon-runner or wood-paneled station wagon) for transport to and from the nearest water source. The telescoping design holds two boards tightly to the roof of your...

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  • Bungee It Deck Attachment

    Bungee It Deck Attachment

    Want to take an extra water bottle or PFD on your next SUP excursion, not sure how to keep it on the board? The “Bungee It” Deck Attachment is a tie down kit for an easy and fast way to attach items to your board. The “Bungee It “comes with 4 NSI bomber...

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  • Clear Grip Traction

    Clear Grip Traction

    Clear Grip traction with peel & stick. UV protection for your board that replaces or enhances wax. Leaves translucent view of all graphics and only 1/16" thick. Each piece is 10.5" wide and can be purchased by the foot or in pre-cut packs of 18"...

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  • Clear RSPro Rail Saver

    Original RailSaver Pro (RSPRO) … the highest quality Stand Up Paddle board rail protection available       Protect your board rails, and just forget about hitting them with your paddle. Just enjoy! Keep your...

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  • Coil Leash

    Maximum strength leash for all conditions. The coil leash is perfect for keeping that extra length out of the water and out of the way. Actual color may vary. Please specify if there is a specific color you prefer.    

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  • Day Tripper SUP Deck Padz

    Day Tripper SUP Deck Padz

    The newest addition to NSI's SWEEEET SUP Padz line. Our pads are not just a simple chunk-o-foam with some marginal sticky back. This 11-piece single density SUP Deck Pad has NSI's popular 2-way directional diamond traction which is super comfy, and...

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    Maximum Payload: 45 kg (99 lbs) Board Capacity: 1 Board & 1 Paddle Weight With Wheels: 4.56 kg (10.2 lbs) Frame Assembled: 71 x 53 x 75 cm (28 x 20.9 x 29") Best For Use On: Soft Sand And Other Challenging Terrain Materials: Anodized Aluminum Frame...

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  • ECHO (44200-3518)

    ECHO 6m

    DETAILS DUOTONE ECHO The Duotone Echo is the evolution of our first foil wing, which took the market by storm last year. Outselling many other brands, the dynamic concept featured a boom, window and battens offering a superior experience. For 2020...

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  • Electric BIXPY SUP JET

    Now you can paddle further and faster; fight wind and current; and explore more with security and confidence. Motorized SUPs are a great way for beginners to learn how to paddle board and the best way to get your family and friends onto the water. You...

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  • Fin Box Lock

    FIN BOX LOCK for most Longboard, SUP and Single fin Surfboard center Fin Box.  cable and lock not included

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  • Duotone Foil Wing

    Foil Wing

    The Duotone Foil Wing has been in development for a couple of years, and the design team have tested countless prototypes in order to create the perfect shape. During this process, it quickly became apparent that there were numerous advantages to using...

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  • Hydrostar™ Compact Submersible Deck Light/SOS

    The Hydrostar™ deck light is a perfect addition for paddlers that are looking for a multifunctioning light source that is compact, waterproof, and in one convenient package. Use the flashlight setting for shore landings at night or as a 360º...

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  • Island Hopper® PSI 15 Auto-Set Pump Pump

    Island Hopper® PSI 15 Auto-Set Pump Pump

    Island Hopper® PSI 15 Auto-Set Pump Pump for Drop Stitch Inflation 15 PSI Auto Set power inflator by Island Hopper is designed to quickly inflate any drop stitch inflatable product to a pre-set PSI. Simply attach the hose into your Halkey Roberts...

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  • Leash Plug Kit

    Application is quick and easy using a 3M very high bond peel and stick adhesive. No cutting into the board or resin mix required.

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  • MFC Fin Bag

    MFC Fin Bag

    Product Details Available in two sizes: Small Bag up to 38cm fins with Power or Tuttle Base & Large Bag up to 52cm fins.MFC Fin Bag is made of heavy duty D600 ripstop exterior with a PK zipper for easy use.The interior features 8 removable 5mm padded...

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  • MTI 16G Inflatable Belt Pack

    MTI 16G Inflatable Belt Pack

    Lightweight Value Pillow Style Type V PFD!  Low profile compact design with a pillow style bladder Pull to inflate, pull attachment strap over head to secure Red Oral Tube for additional inflation by mouth Includes 16-gram CO2 cylinder Movable...

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  • MTI SUP Safety Belt PFD

    MTI SUP Safety Belt PFD

    MTI SUP Safety Belt PFD   Low-Profile SUP Safety Belt   Less is More   Using the same inflatable bladder from MTI's best-selling Fluid 2.0, the SUP Safety Belt packs down smaller to give you peace of mind in a compact package. The...

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  • Onyx Inflatable Life vest

    M-24 Inflatable Belt PFD ReliaPull Guide inflation & repacking Manual oral inflation option Adjustable waist belt Zippered storage pocket Mesh storage/carry bag Replaceable CO2 cartridge Universal fit for adults over 80 lbs. Type V US Coast Guard...

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  • Rail Tape

    Rail Tape

    Protect your rails with this clean, tough peel and stick tape that protects the rails of your SUP

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  • RSPro Hexa Paddle Grip

    Ultra light and ultra thin Paddle Grip with Hexa Traction technology INCREASED GRIP IN 6 GRAMS: Improve the grip of your paddle, avoiding wax, sprays, tennis tape and other messy odd jobs. Ultra light: 6 grams. Improve your reach by having a...

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  • SeaSpecs

    Sea Specs

    Protection, and they Float! NSI's shades are specifically designed for water sports. They are polarized and lightweight and provide UVA and UVB protection against the elements. An adjustable retention band keeps the glasses comfortable and secure. But...

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    Paddle board cart designed for use with: SUPs and Surfboards Guide your board to and from the shore with a single hand! The Single-UP surfboard and SUP beach cart is the single easiest way to transport your board.   Paddle board cart fits SUPs...

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