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SUP Accessories



    KEY FEATURES & BENEFITS MOLDED COIL LEASHFor durability and to keep coil shape DOUBLE SWIVELSFor easy mobility when moving on the board TRIPLE WRAP RAIL SAVER WEBBINGTo prevent wear and tear on your board QUICK-RELEASE 1 1/2" CALF AND ANKLE...

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  • AG Coil Leash

    AG Coil Leash

    The AG Coil Leash allows you to keep your board close, without getting in your way. The padded cuff allows for all day comfort, and the coil design means you can stretch the leash unlike a static line.

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  • SUP HP Hand 29 Pump

    SUP HP Hand 29 Pump

    The SUP HP Hand 29 Pump is a robust single or double-action high-pressure pump with 29 psi (2 bar) capability, an aluminum shaft, and folding feet thatÕs perfect for modern iSUPs. This pump is designed to fit Aquaglide valves. We cannot guarantee that...

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  • Ultralight Hand 4.4 Pump

    Ultralight Hand 4.4 Pump

    Remarkably light and compact, the Ultralight Hand 4.4 accelerates inflation of small low-pressure boats and other outdoor gear. This pump is designed to fit Aquaglide valves. We cannot guarantee that it will fit other brand's valves.

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  • WMFG Pump 1.0SUP

    WMFG Pump 1.0SUP

    PREMIUM SUP PUMP Height: 24"/61cm (Extra Tall!)Diameter: 2.75"/7cmCapacity: 1.8L/Stroke Tech and Features: New high quality, premium SUP pump. Easier, faster, better. Other features: newly engineered seals and pistons combined with newly...

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  • SUP E-PUMP (AC-PU201)


    More info here   SIZES 21.6*10*14CM   ITEM NO. AC-PU201   HARD FACTS/ Electric pump inflates iSUP 33% faster than regular hand pump Auto-shut off function Including one 1.34 meter air hose that prevents damage...

    MSRP: $159.00
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  • 10.0ft SUP COIL LEASH (AC-L100)

    10.0ft SUP COIL LEASH

    More info here   SIZES 10'/305CM  ITEM NO. AC-L100   HARD FACTS/ Coil design keeps leash close and off the water  Reduces drag and great for flat water, touring or race boards 6mm TPU cord material 7.5cm wide...

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    Learn more   SIZES 6530 INCLUDES   ITEM NO. AC-PU301   HARD FACTS/   3-mode inflation Air Max + Double Action Mode: 6530 cm3 Air Max + Single Action Mode: 4280 cm3 Pressure Booster:...

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  • SUP / Surfboard Coil Leash

    SUP / Surfboard Coil Leash

    Dolsey SUP and Surf leashes - Strong durable, well made. 7mm cord, black or clear with black center,  Double swivels - stainless steel , monunted in strong stand off base. Cuff -Nylon web fabric, secured by hook /...

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  • SALE
    SUP WINDER (121742000)


    MORE ABOUT THE SUP WINDER It installs in minutes transforming your standard SUP board into an efficient wingsurfing board. With the sUP WINDer installed, a wing in your hands, and a little technique, you can stay upwind and return home to the same...

    Was: $122.00
    Now: $109.00
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  • Island Hopper® PSI 15 Auto-Set Pump Pump

    Island Hopper® PSI 15 Auto-Set Pump Pump

    Island Hopper® PSI 15 Auto-Set Pump Pump for Drop Stitch Inflation 15 PSI Auto Set power inflator by Island Hopper is designed to quickly inflate any drop stitch inflatable product to a pre-set PSI. Simply attach the hose into your Halkey Roberts...

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  • WMFG TRACTION: Front Foot Pad Grooved

    WMFG TRACTION: Front Foot Pad Grooved

    FRONT FOOT KITEBOARD TRACTION: FRONT AND MIDDLE SPECS:Width: 16.25" / 41.3cmLength: 28" / 71.1cmNote: Above specs are based on pads installed seamless/pushed together. Width and length can be extended by leaving a gap between...

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    Click here to see FAQ     Lightweight Motor for Stand Up Paddle Boards Lightweight & Portable           Up to 11 KM / H       ...

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  • MTI SUP Safety Belt PFD

    MTI SUP Safety Belt PFD

    MTI SUP Safety Belt PFD   Low-Profile SUP Safety Belt   Less is More   Using the same inflatable bladder from MTI's best-selling Fluid 2.0, the SUP Safety Belt packs down smaller to give you peace of mind in a compact package. The...

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  • SUP Wheels

    SUP Wheels

    The Evolution carrier model - comes with strap handle. This flexible unit can be used to carry your board while you walk or bike. Relieves the burden of carrying your board, paddle, gear and freeing a hand too.   The unit is engineered...

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  • Fin Box Lock

    Fin Box Lock

    FIN BOX LOCK for most Longboard, SUP and Single fin Surfboard center Fin Box.  cable and lock not included

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  • SUP Pocket

    SUP Pocket

    Easy on and off SUPPocket finally gives you a way to have your essentials with you during your stand up paddle board adventures. With our patent pending design, your flip flops, rash guard, water bottle sun glasses suntan lotion and snacks are at your...

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  • Hydrostar™ Compact Submersible Deck Light/SOS

    Hydrostar™ Compact Submersible Deck Light/SOS

    The Hydrostar™ deck light is a perfect addition for paddlers that are looking for a multifunctioning light source that is compact, waterproof, and in one convenient package. Use the flashlight setting for shore landings at night or as a 360º...

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  • RSPro Hexa Paddle Grip

    RSPro Hexa Paddle Grip

    Ultra light and ultra thin Paddle Grip with Hexa Traction technology INCREASED GRIP IN 6 GRAMS: Improve the grip of your paddle, avoiding wax, sprays, tennis tape and other messy odd jobs. Ultra light: 6 grams. Improve your reach by having a...

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