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Kiteboarding Closeouts

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    2019 Karolina Pro

    2019 Slingshot Karolina Pro 135cm

    SHRED BESTIE Seeking shred bestie: This is a board you can trust. It will be there when you need it the most and never leave you downwind. You will not walk alone on the beach again. With your shred bestie in tow you don’t just cruise, you shred...

    MSRP: $699.00
    Was: $699.00
    Now: $359.00
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  • 2020 Jet | Kite Freeride 600

    2020 Jet | Kite Freeride 600

    The 2020 Kite Performance Freeride 600 foil set continues to progress forward from our 2019 system. Not only increasing performance toward the top end but, at the same time, maintaining its user-friendly platform. This foil has no shortage of new design...

    MSRP: $1,175.00
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    CRISIS V2 (1212251300)


    Package Includes: Crisis Board, New Kite Fins 4 x 1.75" (1.9 x 15.2cm), NEW Grab Handle   CRISIS V2 COMFORT / PROGRESSION / CONTROL       The Slingshot Crisis twin tip has a beginner to intermediate rocker profile...

    MSRP: $653.32
    Was: $653.32
    Now: $470.00
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