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Surfing accessories

  • Set FCS M-5 side fins

    Set FCS M-5 side fins

    FCS M-5 Thruster: Base: 4.37" ? 111mm Depth: 4.55" ? 115mm Area: 14.76"² ? 9525mm² Sweep: 33.0º SUPs: ACE-TEC: 9'6" / 10'6" / 10'6" Wind C-TEC : Scout SUPs / 9'2" Jet Wave

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  • Epic Gear Day Wall Bag

    Epic Gear Board Bag (all sizes)

    The perfect day bag. These will protect your board from daily wear and tear and dings. Lightly padded (6mm) bags have nylon on one side and solar reflective material on the other. There is a fin slot on boths sides. Plastic zipper will not corrode. This...

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  • Coil Leash

    Coil Leash

    Maximum strength leash for all conditions. The coil leash is perfect for keeping that extra length out of the water and out of the way. Actual color may vary. Please specify if there is a specific color you prefer.    

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    NEW/ 2021 New foil range  For all sorts of foil acitivities HARD FACTS/ Fo all disciplines, surf, stand up paddle, wing foil or surf foil  Four sizes 60/70/80/90 for riders to jump from one length to another Parts available for board...

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    Day Strike Classic Board Bag V2

    Day Strike Classic Board Bag V2

    A day use cover necessity to keep your board protected and ding free on it’s sometimes precarious journey from the garage to the beach and back. Ride Engine’s Day Strike Classic Surf shape is designed to optimally fit traditional shape surfboards up to...

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    Now: $99.00
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