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Windsurfing Fins

  • FANG Freeride fin

    FANG Freeride fin

    The FANG Free ride fin. Developed with help from the Official Test Centre Weymouth. This fin is the culmination of years of R&D with new materials and new fin designs. We made numerous prototype moulds and moulded them in several materials...

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  • 3SW freestyle

    3SW freestyle-wave fin

    The 3SW freestyle-wave fin. Developed with help from the Official Test Centre Weymouth.  A fin that will give you amazing speed and control, secure and loose carving on the fast flats or choppy waves. The material is K4’s...

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  • Scorcher Rears

    Scorcher Rears

    The choice for 3 of the top 6 PWA finishers! Developed largely with the help of Adam Lewis who was looking for a fast fin but which still gave him heaps of grip for powerful turns. The Scorcher is your ‘go to’ fin for most conditions and...

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  • Select Edge G10 Powerbox

    Select Edge G10 Powerbox

    The Select Edge G10 is a high-performance hybrid fin designed for freeride/freeslalom windsurfing. It is very easy and comfortable to ride in choppy conditions. Key Features: Technology: CNC Fr4.c / Hi-presicion Rigid fin base for stable power...

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  • SharkII Fronts

    SharkII Fronts

    SharkII fronts. A fast and grippy fin for both quads and thrusters. Moulded using our ‘super stiff’ material with a sleek profile and reduced tip area it’s built for speed. We slimmed it right down to give back some flex and grip, and...

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