• Feelfree Stand Up Strap Feelfree Stand Up Strap

    Feelfree Stand Up Strap

    Feel Free

    Feelfree kayak anglers increasingly prefer standing and casting from their kayaks because of their stability. The Feelfree stand up leash makes it easier to stand up from a sitting position, and aids...
  • Feelfree Stand Up Bar

    Feelfree Stand Up Bar

    Feel Free

    The Feelfree Stand Assist Bar is compatible with the the Feelfree Lure 11.5, Lure 13.5, and the Moken 12.5.  The Stand Assist Bar features adjustable height position, padded lean area, paddle...
  • Feelfree Uni-Bar Feelfree Uni-Bar

    Feelfree Uni-Bar

    Feel Free

    The Feelfree Uni-Bar is perfect for those looking to setup their fish finders, rod holders and phone/camera mounts directly in front of them vs on the side rails. The Feelfree Uni-Bar is compatible...