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  • MTI SUP Safety Belt PFD

    MTI SUP Safety Belt PFD

    MTI SUP Safety Belt PFD   Low-Profile SUP Safety Belt   Less is More   Using the same inflatable bladder from MTI's best-selling Fluid 2.0, the SUP Safety Belt packs down smaller...

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  • SUP Pocket

    SUP Pocket

    Easy on and off SUPPocket finally gives you a way to have your essentials with you during your stand up paddle board adventures. With our patent pending design, your flip flops, rash guard, water...

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  • RSPro Hexa Paddle Grip

    RSPro Hexa Paddle Grip

    Ultra light and ultra thin Paddle Grip with Hexa Traction technology INCREASED GRIP IN 6 GRAMS: Improve the grip of your paddle, avoiding wax, sprays, tennis tape and other messy odd jobs...

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  • Clear RSPro Rail Saver

    Clear RSPro Rail Saver

    Original RailSaver Pro (RSPRO) … the highest quality Stand Up Paddle board rail protection available       Protect your board rails, and just forget about...

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  • SUP Buddy

    SUP Buddy

    A beverage holder and dashboard for your stand up paddle board, boat, or any other smooth hard surface you would like to secure items to. The SUPBUDDY base has a bomber Velcro hook on the top and...

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  • Fast Mast Hydrofoil Quick Release

    Fast Mast Hydrofoil Quick Release

    FAST MAST™ quick release was designed for those with small vehicles that are forced to take apart their foilboards after every session. With the pull of two stainless steel quick release pins,...

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  • Lite Speed Kite Race Footstrap

    Lite Speed Kite Race Footstrap

    Ultra-Light, Race Specific!   NSI's long standing, much tested ultra light weight footstrap has received a lot of attention in the kite race scene. These foam, fabric and soft foam under layer...

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  • SUP Surfboard Carrier

    SUP Surfboard Carrier

    We have built the ultimate in SUP carrier features: - Velcro locking loops to hold your paddle in place and assist you in carrying the board - Quick snap 2” acculoc buckles makes it easy to get...

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  • SUP Lock

    SUP Lock

    SUP-Lock by WindPaddle utilizes the strongest attachment point on your board, the concave carrying handle. The SUP-Lock fits and locks into the handle and the 6’ cable, then runs through or...

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  • NSI Clear Drybag

    NSI Clear Drybag

    NSI's Clear Dry Bags offers a clear view of bag contents so you can locate your stowed dry gear and equipment easily. Built with a 3­roll closure, a rugged clear 20 oz. vinyl body and...

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  • NSI Heel Straps

    NSI Heel Straps

    SKU: HS In 2001 NSI introduced the first heel straps that utilized inner tubes. Although this was a great concept, installation was a hassle and the straps had a tendency to slip off unless they were...

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  • MTI 16G Inflatable Belt Pack

    MTI 16G Inflatable Belt Pack

    Lightweight Value Pillow Style Type V PFD!  Low profile compact design with a pillow style bladder Pull to inflate, pull attachment strap over head to secure Red Oral Tube for additional...

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  • SUP Rubber Plate w/ Spectra Loop

    SUP Rubber Plate w/ Spectra Loop

    These bomber adhesive plates allow paddlers to attach accessories to the deck or rails of any board. The Rubber Style Plate w/spectra loop is ideal for dry bags, coolers and other deck accessories...

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  • Surface Mount Inserts

    Surface Mount Inserts

    NSI's Surface Mount Insert Plates have threaded inserts that offer secure attachment for board handles, water bottle cage or other carry along items. They are sold as a set of 2 and include screws...

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  • Bungee It Deck Attachment

    Bungee It Deck Attachment

    Want to take an extra water bottle or PFD on your next SUP excursion, not sure how to keep it on the board? The “Bungee It” Deck Attachment is a tie down kit for an easy and fast way to attach items...

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  • SeaSpecs

    Sea Specs

    Protection, and they Float! NSI's shades are specifically designed for water sports. They are polarized and lightweight and provide UVA and UVB protection against the elements. An adjustable...

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  • SUP Rail Guard

    SUP Rail Guard

    Paddle Guards can be added to any board rail to protect the board from the common problem of paddle dings. NSI Rail Guards are now made with high density, abrasion resistant Clear Grip material. The...

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  • SUP Board Handle

    SUP Board Handle

    NSI's ultra strong handle can be installed on the rail or front and rear deck to assist in carrying the board or for passengers (kids) to hold onto.

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  • Clear Grip Traction

    Clear Grip Traction

    Clear Grip traction with peel & stick. UV protection for your board that replaces or enhances wax. Leaves translucent view of all graphics and only 1/16" thick. Each piece is 10.5" wide and can...

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  • SUP Stubby Deck Pad

    SUP Stubby Deck Pad

    One or Two piece construction to better accommodate your ride. Trim to fit a wider or narrower size board instantly. Available in single or dual density. Easy Peel & Stick installation. 24"x72"

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  • SUP Universal Quad Pack

    SUP Universal Quad Pack

    Four Piece NSI SUP Padz for enhanced functionality. Multiple piece design adds excellent flexibility in placing the Padz where you need them most. Multi-piece padz can enlarge the deck coverage on...

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  • SUP Universal Split Decision

    SUP Universal Split Decision

    The Split Decision SUP Padz is NSI’s Universal shape which is split down the middle for a two piece design. This accommodates width adjustments simply by trimming the padz if a wider or narrower size...

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  • SUP Wave Full Deck Pad

    SUP Wave Full Deck Pad

    NSI One Piece SUP Padz is a single piece pad offered in NSI’s Universal shape with multiple styles and color options. Style your board out with the color option of Single Tone, Duo Tone and Tri Tone...

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  • SUP Universal Single Tone Deck Pad

    SUP Universal Single Tone Deck Pad

    0NSI's One Piece SUP Pad is a single piece, single color pad offered in NSI’s Universal shape. We have many colors to choose from including 6 different camo color options. NSI pads offer the ultimate...

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  • Day Tripper SUP Deck Padz

    Day Tripper SUP Deck Padz

    The newest addition to NSI's SWEEEET SUP Padz line. Our pads are not just a simple chunk-o-foam with some marginal sticky back. This 11-piece single density SUP Deck Pad has NSI's popular 2-way...

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