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Freestyle Cruiser

  • FreeStyle Hippo Slide

    FreeStyle Hippo Slide

    If you are looking to by-pass your competition and attract thousands of families to your location, then the Hippo by FreeStyle Slides® is an airtight investment guaranteeing safety,...

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  • FreeStyle Hippo H2 Slide

    FreeStyle Hippo H2 Slide

    The Hippo H2 is designed primarily for the special events market. The Hippo H2’s size and weight allow for a fast setup and tear-down. This makes it a very competitive option for one- or...

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  • Freestyle Hipster Slide

    Freestyle Hipster Slide

      The Hipster™ from FreeStyle Slides® is the first interactive water slide and bounce combination of it’s kind. The Hipster incorporates a 100% sealed air leg structure...

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  • Freestyle Jetski Docks

    Freestyle Jetski Docks

    Our inflatable Jet Ski Docks are a versatile floating platform designed to dock jet skis, SEA DOO’s and SEABOBS, with safe, easy access. The Jet Ski Docks are made with 100% welded seams using Drop...

  • Freestyle Docks

    Freestyle Docks

    Our inflatable work/play dock is a versatile floating platform that can support thousands of pounds for a variety of uses. The docks are made with 100% welded seams using Drop Stitch or 28 oz...

  • Freestyle Trampoline

    Freestyle Trampoline

    Fun for all yachts, boats and other vessels, the Freestyle Trampoline is made with 100% welded seams, using 28 oz. Firmatex PVC vinyl. Each FreeStyle Trampoline can be customized to your specific...

  • Freestyle Pool

    Freestyle Pool

    All of our FreeStyle Pools are made from Drop Stitch material, 100% welded seams and can support hundreds of pounds. Our FreeStyle Pools are great for lounging and keeping unwanted marine life at bay...

  • Cruiser XL Slide

    Cruiser XL Slide

    Fun for all yachts, boats and other vessels, the “one size fits all” Cruiser XS water slide can mount onto the swim deck and or float flush in the water. Included are an array of color options, your...