Xcat Sailing Equipment Set

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  • Xcat Sailing Equipment Set
  • Xcat Sailing Equipment Set


Sailing Equipment Set

The X-Cat Sail is a great boat, but with the addition of these select accessories, you can really round out the whole experience. The Hiking Seats provide more ergonomic seating plus added storage for oars and paddles. The Bow Mesh provides a lot of storage capacity for gear and an anchor without cluttering up the main tramp. The Tiller-Fix can hold the tiller steady while sailing or off center for solo paddling from one side. The X-Cat is stable enough to do without, but it is highly recommended to have hiking straps equipped.


  • Increase storage without cluttering the main trampoline.
  • Adjustable Hiking Seats provide curb-height seating in high winds or tilted as a backrest in light winds.
  • All of the most popular accessories for the X-Cat bundled at a $150+ discount.

Accessory Kit Includes:
One Bow Mesh ($525 Value), One Pair of Hiking Seats Plus Storage Bag ($515 Value), One Pair of Hiking Straps ($99 Value), One Tiller-Fix ($65 Value).

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