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Liquid Surf and Sail takes pride in having a broad range of kayaks that meet the needs of all of our customers. We are well equipped to help you with your need in Kayak fishing, coastal cruising, beach rentals, surf skis, Kayaks that sail and kayaks that pedal. Our knowledgeable staff will be able to fit the kayak that best suits your needs.

  • Malibu Express

    Crash through the waves and fly to your favorite fishing spot.  Built with aerodynamic crisp lines and lightweight polyethylene, the Express combines speed for kayak surfing and stability for fishing.

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  • Malibu Kayak Mini-X


    The Mini-X Kayak is lightweight, durable, and easy to maneuver sit-on-top kayak. This versatile kayak is now equipped with an adjustable footrest and a standing platform for easy recreational paddling and shallow-water fishing.

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  • Pro 2 Tandem

    Pro 2 Tandem

    Pro 2 Tandem, the ultimate two seater tandem kayak, designed for twice the fun.  Fall in love exploring the magnificent landscape of the stunning ocean and dazzling lakes.

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  • Sierra-10


    Stay dry and warm all season long in the rugged Sierra-10. Our heavy duty sit-in kayak represents the spirit of traditional kayaking.

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  • Stealth-12


    The Stealth-12 steps up as the well-balanced fishing machine to tackle the fearsome waters. Mid-sized option in our patented Stealth Series comes fully equipped with a Gator Hatch v.3, Center Bait Tank, and our new X-Seat.

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  • Stealth-14


    The top of the line Stealth series, the Stealth-14, our popular fishing kayak with our patented Gator Hatch, 3-Piece Center Bait Tank System, and the revolutionary X-Seat.  A must for the discerning angler who demands everything.

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  • Stealth-9


    The precision and modest design packaged into the durable Stealth-9 fishing kayak, the smallest in our patented Stealth Series.  Sized for mobility for the nimble angler without losing the stability.

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  • Trio-11


    Boasting a max capacity of 500 lbs, the first of its kind Trio-11 allows for 3 passengers with stable tracking throughout the hull. Whether you want to teach the kids how to fish or just get them out of the house, it has never been more affordable for...

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  • X-13


    Treat the X-13, a sensitive, gritty coastal kayak, with care and explore worlds unknown.  A popular model among spear fishermen and divers, the X-13 comes with phenomenal storage and stability, not to be outdone by its speed.

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  • X-Caliber


    Meticulously designed, the X-Caliber was molded with a unique hull shape that will enable even the most water-fearing kayakers to feel comfortable.  A perfect intro to the adventurous intermediate kayakers.

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  • X-Factor


    Bursting with storage space, the X-Factor comes with endless possibilities.  A great introduction to kayak fishing, the X-Factor cuts through the roughest chop and swell. You’ll understand why the X-Factor has been nicknamed the “pickup...

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