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Tillo wing package (Albatross wing / 1600 / 110)

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  • Tillo Albatross V1
  • Tillo Albatross V1
  • Tillo Albatross V1
  • Tillo Albatross V1
  • Tillo Albatross V1
  • Tillo Albatross V1
$3,599.00 - $3,699.00


The ALBATROSS comes in 3 different sizes: 4.2 / 5.0 / 6.0


Surf foilers, SUP foilers , kite foilers and Windfoilers are going to love the TWING, the possibilities are endless, and this new sport is only just beginning. By using the power of the wing combined with a foil, you can start planing with just 15 knots as well as going upwind. Then, you can depower the wing, and surf foil on the swells downwind, it adds an element of safety knowing if you miss a swell, you have the power to catch the next one.

Because the ALBATROSS isn’t attached to the board and is very light, there is no additional weight. This means you can ride much smaller,
more compact boards, depending on your skill level. All the power transfers through you, to the board and hydrofoil going through your body, you are in total control.
If the beach is busy or has been banned kiteboarding, then you will have no problems using the TWING, there are no lines to lay out, meaning you can launch from tiny beaches and even boats with ease. All you need is a little power in the twing and a few pumps, and you’ll be up and flying on the foil, experiencing a totally new feeling that is hard to beat. Everyone who tries it gets hooked, and it is easy to learn if you have a foil experience already.



Control the wing with one hand while luffing and riding swell, the soft material under the handle ensures your knuckles won’t scuff.


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