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Tillo Front Wing LA1600

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  • Tillo Front Wing LA1600 (SKU-TILLO-FW-1600)
  • Tillo Front Wing LA1600 (SKU-TILLO-FW-1600)
  • Tillo Front Wing LA1600


The LA1600 is the ultimate innovation for across-the-board performance in all-new foiling disciplines. A Low Aspect ratio front wing, it's designed to be versatile and progressive.

Ideal for the practice of wing foil but equally adapted to wake, SUP, and surf, the LA1600 will let you carve with ease and connect sections of challenging wave conditions with superior glide. Its profile is optimized for easy, fast takeoff at lower speeds.

The LA1600's wingspan is engineered for an ideal compromise between lift and glide, in order to retain both accessibility and performance.

Carbon construction and the focus of its design means this wing is both rigid and light, with a low-drag profile.

TAAROA is unique in our utilization of the DFCM (Dynamic Fluid Compression Molding) method of fabrication. This technique optimizes carbon fiber volume ratio to create a more structurally sound product, giving better on-the-water performance.

The LA 1600 is also reinforced with titanium at the screw inserts, for strength and rigidity at this critical point of connection.

This front wing is compatible with all our fuselages except the KF 54/60 series..

The bottom line:

  • The front wing par excellence for wingfoil
  • Super stable and early takeoff
  • Easy to use for all surf sports
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