Check out what Andrew Crane from F-One has to say!

Check out what Andrew Crane from F-One has to say!

  1. How long have you been with Fone? What is your role?
    1. Andrew Crane, Outside Sales with BAKS Distribution - US Distributor for F-one and Manera
  2. What is your specialty in the water?
    1. In the past, kitesurfing (wave riding), but like many windsport enthusiasts I find myself foiling more and more, specifically wing foiling.
  3. What other water sports/land sports do you enjoy?
    1. Kitesurfing, Kite foiling, wing foiling, surfing, stand up paddle surfing, running, cycling
  4. Where are your favorite spots to do whatever sports you enjoy? Why?
    1. Huguenot Park in Jacksonville is a pretty great place to do any wind or surfing sport. It has just about anything you could ask for.
  5. Liquid has been doing business with F one for several years now, your wings are very popular what makes F one wings stand out?
    1. F-one has really focused on the rider experience with our wings and foiling gear. Specifically for the wings, creating something that is lightweight but maintaining usability across the entire wing range for its size. Also, having a wing that is very well balanced makes for more comfortable and longer sessions.
  6. You also have introduced some price point foils, gravity fct for example… what makes them stand above the rest in that category? Especially the 1800 or 2200?
    1. Our FCT range of foils is truly unique because its basically a mirror to what our carbon foils just at a much more attractive price. So if you are new to foiling and dont want to spend a fortune then the FCT foils are the way to go. Then when you look to upgrade, you know what to expect and then some when you go to a carbon foil of the same.  

    2. For the Gravity 1800 and 2200 FCT, these foils really help when starting. The name says it all, as these foils easy going progresive lift help in the learn portion of foiling and once on foil the lower aspect front wing keeps lift through a wide range of speed, basically defying gravity.                           
8th Aug 2022

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