AquaBanas Beach Bana 60″ Round Table

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4.00 LBS
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  • AquaBanas Beach Bana 60″ Round Table
  • AquaBanas Beach Bana 60″ Round Table
  • AquaBanas Beach Bana 60″ Round Table


The Bana Beach Tables are ultra strong and stable. All tables are 30cm (12″) high. Call to fit your custom needs.

The AquaBanas 60" Round Bana Beach Tables are perfect for use on the beach at in a variety of application. They are stocked in Gray and White for the Couch Bana and are available in a wide range of colors too. They also have the ability to put your logo on them. Call for custom orders. Bravo 2000 pumps are sold separately.


☑ Tent Weight: 35 lbs
☑ Packed Dimensions: 18" x 12" x 12" |
46 x 30 x 30cm
☑ Inflated Dimensions: 5' x 5' x 1' | 150 x 150 x 30cm


☑ 60" Round Table

How AquaBanas Work

AquaBanas have a modular design that allow them to operate as a single unit or to be seamlessly connected together to form larger Bana Systems. There are 3 Foundation Banas that are instrumental in creating an AquaBanas system:

☑ Inflated Back Rests
☑ Gator Mouth Flaps
☑ Anchor Rings For Tent
☑ Non-Slip Top Surface
☑ Quick-Step Access
☑ Stable Ballast Bags
☑ Dual Inflation Valves
☑ Netted Footwells
☑ Rock Solid Table
☑ Cooler Cut-Out

All AquaBanas decks and components use a standardized connection system that has (2) D-Rings located 80” apart. Each set of these D-Rings features a 120” wide Gator Mouth flap that firmly holds a non-slip Gap Cap material that prevents anyone from stepping through the butted seam. The decks are held together primarily with (2) chains of #316 Stainless Steel Quick Link connectors connected to the rings. The chains are then covered with a wrap.

Welded Construction

All AquaBanas products are built to the highest commercial inflatable standards including full welding of all drop stitch products. Welded seams eliminate any possibility of seam failure that many drop stitch products are prone to.
Also, an additional layer of vinyl material is added to every seam, along with our trim strip material for added strength.


Bravo 2000 is a dual motor pump that puts out 2000 liters of air per minute and can generate 5psi of air pressure. 2 meter hose (Available in 120v or 230v)

How to set up?

*Because these are highly specialized products and will sell out, the manufacturer does not accept returns*

Please see Aquabanas FAQs here 

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