Ricochet Bouncer 12.0 Aquapark

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70.00 LBS
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  • Ricochet Bouncer 12.0 Aquapark
  • Ricochet Bouncer 12.0 Aquapark
  • Ricochet Bouncer 12.0 Aquapark
  • Ricochet Bouncer 12.0 Aquapark
  • Ricochet Bouncer 12.0 Aquapark


One of our most popular products optimized for maximum fun, the Ricochet 12.0 Bouncer is an excellent alternative to Aquaglide spring trampolines. With its 12-foot diameter, the Ricochet 12.0 is ideal for smaller families. High-quality fully welded Duratexª construction means the Ricochet 12.0 is built for years of worry-free fun. The Ricochet 12.0 Aquapark comes with a Slide, 50-50 Log, and C-Deck for the complete waterpark experience.
  • Please view the Ricochet 12.0 Tech Sheet for mooring details.
  • Weight recommendations are for anchoring in conditions with extreme weather, waves, or other abnormal conditions. Aquaglide recommends contacting a dock and mooring specialist for anchor installation options and assistance.
  • The safety of our customers and their guests is our highest priority. Careful thought goes into the design of our aquapark components, connection points and configurations to assure maximum safety and enjoyment. Consequently, Aquaglide Lakefront and Aquapark products are not authorized for use in combination with products or attachments from any other manufacturer. Aquaglide product combinations must be authorized or approved in advance by the manufacturer. Use of Aquaglide products in combination with products from any other manufacturer and/or product arrangements not previously approved by Aquaglide may result in increased risk of entrapment, injury, or death.
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