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  • 2021 WARP_FOIL

    2021 WARP_FOIL

    Description The WARP_FOIL extends our PWA slalom champion sail. It’s a specific and highly advanced foil design suited for experienced foil racers looking for something that complements the low-drag of the hydrofoil. Compared to traditional fin...

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  • 2021 WARP_FINN 20.21

    2021 WARP_FINN 20.21

    Description Here comes the evolution of the world champion sail with which Pierre Mortefon won the PWA Overall title in 2019. And it is with this sail that he will once again go on the hunt for the World Cup crown in 2021! In racing, maximum...

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    2020 WARP 20.20 (14200-1214)

    2020 WARP 20.20

    Description The WARP 9.0LW won six of the seven eliminations in the 2015 racing season, making it the most successful slalom sail in PWA history. It was our first racing sail with a completely new, revolutionary profile concept called the NO COMPROMISE...

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  • 2020 F_Type (14200-1210)

    2020 F_Type

    Description The latest trend is in foil surfing, which opens up a whole range of possibilities. Never before has it been possible to set into motion or ride the waves this quickly with so little wind. To get you started as quickly and as easily as...

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  • 2020 AeroFoil

    2020 AeroFoil

    Concept: Foiling / Freeride This 2-cam sail has the perfect power and stability for getting up on to a foil. With Technora paneling on the leech this is one of the lightest cambered sails on the market. This sail performs extremely well both for foiling...

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  • Bic One Design Sail only

    Bic One Design Sail only

    Powerful acceleration, light in the hands, and a huge wind range !   In order to support the growth and development of the Techno 293 OD and Hybrid classes, BIC Windsurf developed the One Design Rigpackage for use specifically by youth sailors...

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  • Kona ONE Sail

    Kona ONE Sail

    The Kona-One racing class has a unique rig developed to balance sailor weights to sail sizing. This sail size limit for weight of users levels the playing field among competitors. We stock the 74 and 8.2 rigs and can order additional sizing of 6.6 or 9.0...

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  • Ezzy Lion

    Ezzy Lion

    TWIN-CAM POWER FREERIDE After over two years of R&D, the new Lion—Ezzy’s 2-cam freerider—is finally ready. The Ezzy Lion is a twin-cam, power-freeride sail. Unlike many wide-sleeved cambered sails on the market, the Lion’s...

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  • Dagger

    Dagger VMG

    Longboard Race The Dagger is Aerotech’s longboard racing sail. This model is built of 100% grid construction. With longboardsmaking a huge comeback into the market, Aerotech has just the motor that these boards need. This sail...

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    Aerotech FreeSpeed


    The FreeSpeed is a no cam slalom sail designed for fast freeriding. It’s built tough and has a very powerful shape. With a combination of vertical and horizontal seam shaping, this sail allows maximum performance in a no-cam design. It is designed for...

    MSRP: $535.00
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    Now: $499.00
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  • Rapid Fire

    Rapid Fire

    This was the first slalom sail to offer 100% grid construction and that tradition continues. This twin cam slalom series features one cam below the boom and one above. Its new double vertical luff panel as well as slightly wider sleeve improves power and...

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