Fanatic Viper w/ Motion Rig

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  • Fanatic Viper w/ Motion Rig
  • Fanatic Viper w/ Motion Rig
  • Fanatic Viper w/ Motion Rig
  • Fanatic Viper w/ Motion Rig
  • Fanatic Viper w/ Motion Rig
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Fanatic Viper Board:

If you’re looking to get into the sport of windsurfing, then the Viper is your ticket to ride! Our years of experience and thorough knowledge of the sport has allowed us to build the ultimate weapon for new sailors to get started.

The Viper epitomises all components needed to take the progressing rider from zero to hero. Giving confidence to newbies for those first steps onto the board, or speeding away in the harness, even using the footstraps for the first time, progression with the Viper will seem effortless.

The retractable daggerboard and robust Power Box fin offers up impressive versatility. For light wind manoeuvres full of flow, through to the more advanced Funboard, the Viper is the one-stop-shop for all your needs. Beginners and novices alike will relish in the soft deck padding, while the long and adjustable mast-track enhances the tuning characteristics of the board. The perfectly placed insert positions are based on feedback from experts in our school programme. Our High Resistance Skin (HRS) construction offers tough durability and gives great longevity across all of the available sizes, and five different widths. Available with classic Viper graphics or as plain white school version.


Motion Rig:

The Motion sail is designed with the entry-level adult in mind. The sail is built in the Aerotech tradition using all grid construction to offer both durability and light weight. It features a reduced luff curve allows for easy rigging and a softer more responsive feel resulting in rapid skills improvement. Both sizes are short enough to rig on a 400 cm mast.

Construction: This model features 100% grid construction, a stainless steel 6-1 pulley with oversized rollers, and insignia tape reinforcing. Rod battens are used for the entire range. These are some of the most user friendly intermediate sails available. Each sail ships with a rig bag that can easily accommodate all the components of the rig in one easy to carry bag.

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