Quick Windsurfing fin sizing guide

Quick Windsurfing fin sizing guide

Windsurfing fin sizing guide

When choosing a windsurfing fin, consider factors such as the type of sailing you're doing, your board type, sail size, and the conditions you’ll be sailing in.

Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right fin:

General Rule of Thumb:

    • Multiply your sail size by five and add four to get the size in centimeters.
    • As an example, if you have a 5.5m sail:
    • 5.5m × 5 + 4 = 31.5, so about a 32cm fin size.
    • Another example: 39 cm for a 7.0m sail, 44 cm for an 8.0m sail.
    • Adjust in increments by adding 2 cm when underpowered or subtracting 2 cm when overpowered.

Weed Fin Size vs. Pointer Fin Size:

    • For an all-around weed fin, start a size 2-4 cm less than your regular fin.
    • Weed fins often have a larger surface area than regular pointer fins, so you can in fact go about 20% shorter.
    • If you want better upwind ability or plan to race, consider using the same size (or 2 cm less) as your regular fin.

Remember that these are guidelines to provide a rough estimate, and personal preferences do play a role. Adjust based on your experience and the actual local conditions you’ll be sailing in.

Enjoy your sailing! 

3rd Jul 2024

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