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beau lake

  • THE RAPID 14'

    THE RAPID 14'

    The weekend racer is made with carbon fibre and Macassar ebony wood. Its length, shape, piercing nose design and flat bottom makes this board ultra fast and justifies its name. The Rapid. Also named...

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    This stunning board blends contemporary design with a vintage feel to create a look of timeless elegance. In a nod to the origins of surfing, we removed the deck pad so you’ll connect directly...

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  • THE MALIBU 11'6"

    THE MALIBU 11'6"

    Inspired by Gibson guitars and 50s surf culture, The Malibu evokes California sun and music in the form of a majestic longboard.     Rosewood wraps around all sides of the board with a...

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  • THE MUSKOKA 11'6" Black

    THE MUSKOKA 11'6"

    The Muskoka Board is a true Canadian original. It's a hand-shaped board made from performance materials such as fiberglass and epoxy resins, finished with a highly polished polyurethane UV-protected...

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  • THE ST-TROPEZ - Pedal Boat

    THE ST-TROPEZ - Pedal Boat

    Inspired by the classic elegance of the 1950’s Mediterranean ‘pedalo’, The St-Tropez is human-powered style. Designed for efficient propulsion and outstanding maneuverability...

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  • 2021 THE TAHOE - 14 - Pedal V2

    2021 THE TAHOE - 14 - Pedal V2

    Inspired by the classic styling of the vintage lake runabout, The Tahoe – 14 Pedal Boat is propelled by a custom proprietary prop is human-powered luxury. Featuring...

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  • THE TAHOE - 14

    THE TAHOE - 14 - Electric

    Inspired by the classic styling of the vintage lake runabout, The Tahoe -14 is an update for the eco-conscious boater featuring silent, responsive navigation and carefree mechanics and...

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