Aztron Land Wing Skate Package

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  • Aztron Land Wing Skate Package surf sail
  • Aztron Land Wing Skate Package surf sail
  • Aztron Land Wing Skate Package surf sail
  • Aztron Land Wing Skate Package surf sail


Aztron Land Wing Skate Package

Included at this special price:

  • Aztron WINGZER 4M Wing
  • Aztron SPACE 40 Longboard Skateboard
  • Slingshot Kim K Pump
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If you love to skate and are interested in getting into Wing Surfing, then why not combine the two!

With the Aztron SPACE 40 skateboard you can carve turns as you master the Aztron WINGZER wing to catch the wind. The wing inflates quickly with the included Kim K high volume pump and you'll be out riding in minutes!

Perfect for learing how to make tacks to ride up and down with the wind. Learning to ride figure eight patterns is an excellent way to prepare yourself for wing foiling on the water. When there's a decline, you can put the wing off to the side and focus on skating. 

Before you take to the streets, you'll want to put on a helmet and find a clear open area with a steady wind. If the wind drops too much you can always skate or use the Aztron Land Paddle to power yourself along!

Aztron SPACE 40 Board Specs:

The SPACE 40 offers a surfskating experience that is very similar to that of surfing in the water, which makes this longboard perfect for surfing training on those dry days. Inspired by outer SPACE check out all the cool elements on this board.

Similar to a surfboard, all AZTRON surf skates feature a deep diamond grooved EVA pad on the tail kick to lock your toes and heel in when turning or making stops. The tail kick insert also resulting in added control and drive. Applied with premium high-density sand paper, the SPACE deck is strong and durable. It gives best adhesion and grip designed for skateboard riders of all levels. The quality deck improves rider's grip which leads to better tricks and greater safety. The carbon inlay stringer adds extra stiffness and performance for your riding. 

The 70mm AZTRON wheels are a perfect cruiser wheel for any board, long or short. The 70mm wheels are excellent for fast transportation with minimal pushing. The soft 78A formula makes the roughest roads seem smooth and they are great for downhill riding. These wheels are softy and grippy.

The advanced truck system combined with the ABEC 9 emulate the feeling of riding on a wave. The unique design with ticks and bearing utilize the internal spring tension adjustment to replicate the surfing action. The customized delvers an incomparable pumping and carving experience. Our surfskate range is engineered for performance and precision skating that brings you so much closer to surfing on concrete. The ABEC 9 bearing combined with the trucks give the most receptive skateboard on the planet. Smoothest turning, fastest pumping, this board is definitely at the leading edge of true surfskate performance

The SPACE 40 has a surfboard inspired longboard shape. The longer wheelbase now allows a rider to spread their feet to match their actual stance on their surfboard. Having the ability to cross-train in your real surf stance maximize the fluidity between surfing and skating, and will allow you to get your practiced land maneuvers onto waves with greater ease. We recommend the SPACE to the riders 5'10"-6'4" or 180-195cm. 

The SPACE features a 7-ply Canadian Maple wood with Carbon Inlay stringer for deck construction that yields a super strong and lightweight board with a custom, stunning finish. The deck bottom features a pastel-colored AZTRON surf collection print for ultimate visual impact. 

Aztron Wingzer 4M Specs:

  • Ultra-light reinforced wing fabric
  • Powerful profile and low-end grunt 
  • Large window panel for maximum safety
  • Large diameter leading edge and center strut
  • Ergonomically shaped strut for better handling
  • Y-shape power grip with various multiple gripping points
  • EVA coverd handles
  • Double-valve system
  • Compact gear bag and 4.0 wrist leash is included
Built with lightweight and fabric, the AZTRON WINGZER 4M wing has a compact design for high performance. The unique Y-shape power grip and multiple gripping points on the leading edge make it so easy to maneuver and control.
Get pumped, go out and ride!


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