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Yacht & Resort Toys

  • Nomad Battery

    Nomad Battery

    Keep the fun going with a spare battery that is easy to swap out. Each battery supplies Nomad with 45-60+ minutes of use. Note : Plug types available for most countries – I, C, G, & A     Description Keep the fun going with...

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  • 10’ Bounce-N-Splash padded water bouncer (20010181)

    10’ Bounce-N-Splash padded water bouncer

    The 10’ Bounce-N-Splash padded water bouncer was designed for kids and can take hard recreational use. This product has the same high quality reinforced materials that go into all Island Hopper® water trampolines and...

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    SEABOB F5 S Irrepressible and intense. The SEABOB F5 S is an ultimate high-performance watercraft. Weighing just 34 kg, the vehicle possesses extremely good handling properties out of the water. The SEABOB F5 S boasts a strong propulsive...

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    Thrust 480 N, 4 power levels, approx. 64 lbs, Basic serial colors with a robust surface, display and tail ring in black design.   SEABOB F5 Optimal handling with powerful thrust. One particular distinguishing feature of the SEABOB F5...

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  • 6 Man Water Sled

    5 Man Water Sled

    Island Hopper™ "Heavy Recreational" Banana water sleds are built using 1000 denier PVC reinforced materials. Each sled is hand made using glue bonded overlapping seams. Perfect for "hard use" family recreation, Aqua Sports has sold thousands of these...

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  • The Island Hopper Bounce N Splash 13'

    The Island Hopper Bounce N Splash 17'

    The Bounce-N-Splash padded water bouncer was designed to offer recreational users the same high quality designs and materials that make our Island Hopper™ water trampolines the choice of camps and resorts worldwide. This manageable 17' size was designed...

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  • THE ST-TROPEZ - Pedal Boat

    THE ST-TROPEZ - Pedal Boat

    Inspired by the classic elegance of the 1950’s Mediterranean ‘pedalo’, The St-Tropez is human-powered style. Designed for efficient propulsion and outstanding maneuverability on the water, easy handling dockside, and carefree...

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  • 2021 THE TAHOE - 14 - Pedal V2

    2021 THE TAHOE - 14 - Pedal V2

    Inspired by the classic styling of the vintage lake runabout, The Tahoe – 14 Pedal Boat is propelled by a custom proprietary prop is human-powered luxury. Featuring smooth, efficient propulsion, responsive navigation and...

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  • THE TAHOE - 14

    THE TAHOE - 14 - Electric

    Inspired by the classic styling of the vintage lake runabout, The Tahoe -14 is an update for the eco-conscious boater featuring silent, responsive navigation and carefree mechanics and maintenance. Proudly designed and crafted in Canada...

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    Water Hammock

    Water Hammock

    The Water Hammock is designed for Commercial use at Resorts and Rental operations.  This product will last for many years and is maintenance-free.  The ring is made of hard plastic (same as a kayak).  Most other floats are inflatable...

    MSRP: $949.00
    Was: $949.00
    Now: $799.00
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  • FreeStyle Hippo Slide

    FreeStyle Hippo Slide

    If you are looking to by-pass your competition and attract thousands of families to your location, then the Hippo by FreeStyle Slides® is an airtight investment guaranteeing safety, reliability, and a tremendous opportunity for an immediate...

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  • FreeStyle Hippo H2 Slide

    FreeStyle Hippo H2 Slide

    The Hippo H2 is designed primarily for the special events market. The Hippo H2’s size and weight allow for a fast setup and tear-down. This makes it a very competitive option for one- or two-day events. As with all our slides, The Hippo H2 can...

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  • Freestyle Hipster Slide

    Freestyle Hipster Slide

      The Hipster™ from FreeStyle Slides® is the first interactive water slide and bounce combination of it’s kind. The Hipster incorporates a 100% sealed air leg structure together with a three-piece hot-air welded body structure,...

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    EVEREST Item # 585219625 Our tallest and most thrilling slide is easily the marquee feature of any aquapark.  Best For: Sliding, Climbing  Capacity: 12  Warranty: Limited 3 year ...

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    HURRICANE 110 V PUMP HURRICANE 110 V 3.6 PUMP Item: 58-5318120 Warranty: Limited 90 days Specs: 110 Volts AC, 60 Hz Maximum Watts: 1000 W Max. Pressure: 3.6 psi (0,25 bar) Weight: 3.75 lbs. (1.7 kg) Working Cycle: MAX 30 min...

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    TORNADO PUMP 110 V Item: 58-5318122 Warranty: Limited 90 days Specs: 110 V Power supply: 600 W   Max. Pressure: 2.5 psi (0,18 bar) Weight: 2.87 lbs. (1.3 kg) Aquaglide 110V 2.5 Tornado, electric pump for inflatable aquaparks...

    MSRP: $69.95
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    Now: $55.99
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  • Patio Dock 15' Floating Platform

    Patio Dock 15' Floating Platform

    The Island Hopper Inflatable Patio Dock 15’ X 6’ x 6” is a water patio platform extension for your pontoon or sport boat. Perfect size for 10 or more friends and can comfortably handle over 2000 lbs. Used for sun bathing, swim...

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