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Yacht & Resort Toys

  • 2021 THE TAHOE - 14 - Pedal V2

    2021 THE TAHOE - 14 - Pedal V2

    Inspired by the classic styling of the vintage lake runabout, The Tahoe – 14 Pedal Boat is propelled by a custom proprietary prop is human-powered luxury. Featuring smooth, efficient propulsion, responsive navigation and...

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  • 3 Man Water Sled

    3 Man Water Sled

    Island Hopper™ "Heavy Recreational" Banana water sleds are built using 1000 denier PVC reinforced materials. Each sled is hand made using glue bonded overlapping seams. Perfect for "hard use" family recreation, Aqua Sports has sold thousands of these...

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  • 6UP Lounge

    6UP Lounge

    PRIVATE OASIS FOR 6 Sit back and enjoy maximum relaxation for up to 6 people in the Pool N’ Beach 6Up Lounge. With tons of molded PVC Cup Holders all around, an included Anchor Bag, and Comfort Mesh Seating for you to chill out, it’s the perfect addition...

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  • Adjustable Recliner

    Adjustable Recliner

    Adjusts to any position from fully folded to sitting, reclining, and fully horizontal. Convoluted Foam*Floats can be personalized with yacht or resort name and logo*

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  • Airport Classic

    Airport Classic

    Makes a perfect island for swimming, playing or just relaxing. Use as a launching pad for watersports. Convenient boarding handles make for easy access from the water without the need for extra accessories. Designed for resorts and rental use, the...

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  • Aqua Jump Eclipse 120

    Aqua Jump Eclipse 120

    Get some serious summer fun for the whole family with the one-of-a-kind RAVE Aqua Jump Eclipse 12' water trampoline!    the NEW patented RAVE Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse water trampoline! The revolutionary Eclipse has been uniquely designed to...

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  • Blast w/ Wedge

    Blast w/ Wedge

    Hands down our most popular accessory! Use the powerful force of air to blast friends, relatives and guests skyward. New, improved Wedgie adds stability for boarding and focuses the blasting force for huge thrills, and splashes. Bag attaches to all...

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  • Bongo 10

    Bongo 10

    Beat the heat and get on the water with the RAVE Sports Bongo bounce platform! With no frames or springs, the Bongo is lightweight, portable and inflates in just minutes, allowing for all day family fun on the water! Easy setup and storage makes it great...

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  • Challenge Track 1

    Challenge Track 1

    The crème de la crème, this track offers a progressive depth profile perfectly suited for the Short Course (25yd) pool format. Boarding is easy thanks to the ultra-low profile SwimStep™XL platform. The exciting TANGO™ is just begging to be...

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  • Challenge Track 2

    Challenge Track 2

    A twist on the original, this track was also designed for the Short Course (25yd) pool format, but offers a shallower depth profile with a SIERRA™ - ZULU™-zinger at the end. The ultra-low profile SwimStep™XL platforms make for easy entry at the beginning...

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  • Challenge Track 3

    Challenge Track 3

    Despite its shallow water profile, the FOXTROT™ is a crowd favorite! A challenging balance beam, this item can also be used for head-to-head competition. Intended to fit the Short Course (25yd) pool format, this track offers amazing value with a...

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  • Cruiser XL Slide

    Cruiser XL Slide

    Fun for all yachts, boats and other vessels, the “one size fits all” Cruiser XS water slide can mount onto the swim deck and or float flush in the water. Included are an array of color options, your personal logo on the slide, all accessories including 2...

  • Delta


    The Delta™ features a horizontal ladder-style challenge with two interior splash zones. An exciting balance feature and also a natural gathering place in hot weather! Accommodates up to four participants. Connects on two sides using Interloc™ system, 5...

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  • Fiesta


    Party in the water, party off the water! The Fiesta Private Island has room for 8 with cup holders all around and a comfortable mesh bottom surface. Sitting on the mesh you can enjoy the inflated contoured backrests in the water, or sit on the floating...

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  • Foxtrot


    The Foxtrot™ is a crowd favorite! A challenging balance beam in any track or circuit, this item can also be used for head-to-head competition. Accommodates up to four participants. Connects on two sides using Interloc™ system, 5 pcs. QuickStrap included.

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  • Freefall 6

    Freefall 6

    Suitable for commercial pool or waterfront use, the sporty Freefall™ 6 brings a new type of fun into the mix. Six foot high climbing ladder and an exhilarating zero-entry slide will accommodate up to three participants at a time. Adds a thrill for any...

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  • Freefall

    Freefall Extreme

    Freefall™ Series slides pack maximum fun and excitement into an easily manageable package. Slightly smaller than the Summit, the Freefall Extreme offers an incredible ride with easier setup and takedown. It features a ten foot high ladder-style climbing...

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  • Freefall Supreme

    Freefall Supreme

    Features a climbing ladder, a zero-entry slide, and a generous, multi-level interior play-space.The mesh safety guard provides ample shade while still allowing good visibility for lifeguards. The interior space includes a large splash zone plus a cozy...

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  • Freestyle Docks

    Freestyle Docks

    Our inflatable work/play dock is a versatile floating platform that can support thousands of pounds for a variety of uses. The docks are made with 100% welded seams using Drop Stitch or 28 oz. Firmatex PVC vinyl. Each FreeStyle Dock can be customized to...

  • Freestyle Jetski Docks

    Freestyle Jetski Docks

    Our inflatable Jet Ski Docks are a versatile floating platform designed to dock jet skis, SEA DOO’s and SEABOBS, with safe, easy access. The Jet Ski Docks are made with 100% welded seams using Drop Stitch material that can support thousands of pounds for...

  • Freestyle Pool

    Freestyle Pool

    All of our FreeStyle Pools are made from Drop Stitch material, 100% welded seams and can support hundreds of pounds. Our FreeStyle Pools are great for lounging and keeping unwanted marine life at bay. Each FreeStyle Pool can be customized to your...

  • Freestyle Trampoline

    Freestyle Trampoline

    Fun for all yachts, boats and other vessels, the Freestyle Trampoline is made with 100% welded seams, using 28 oz. Firmatex PVC vinyl. Each FreeStyle Trampoline can be customized to your specific size requirement. In addition you can choose from an array...

  • i-Log


    The ten foot long i-Log™ adds an irresistible balance feature to any aquapark. Walk the plank, or try to make it out and back! Attaches to log-specific rings using Interloc™ system. Accommodates up to two users.

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  • Inversible


    NVERSIBLE Item # 585212000 A giant lounge and play station that can be used as a soaker or play platform when inverted.  Best For: Lounging, Soaking, Bouncing  Capacity: 8  Warranty: Limited 1...

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  • Jungle Jim

    Jungle Jim

    Jungle Jim™ is a multi-use playstation for up to six people. Stable, six and-a-half foot tall pyramid features climbing, sliding, jumping, splashing and more. Outside climbing walls angle inward for convenience and stability. Interior mesh floors create...

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  • Jungle Joe 2

    Jungle Joe 2

    Jungle Joe™ 2 is an Incredible, towering climbing structure and slide. Pyramidal walls provide a safe, yet formidable climbing challenge. Interior mesh floors create splash zones and multi-level terraces for exploration. Provides unlimited options for...

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