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Windsurfing Foil Gear

  • Tillo Front Wing LA900 (SKU-TILLO-FW-900)

    Tillo Front Wing LA900

    The LA900 is designed to have an ideal balance between stability, reactivity and control. For wingfoil, the LA900 can be mounted on our UP mast for a fast and reactive setup, ideal for learning tricks. It also makes a progressive windfoil wing, or a...

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  • Tillo WindFoil 1600 (SKU-TILLO-WINDF-1600)

    Tillo WindFoil 1600

    Made by TAAROA   This pack includes the following elements: HA 1600 Wing: The LA 1600 is an easy-to-use, Low Aspect ratio front wing that offers excellent glide and stability, with early takeoff and smooth carving. It's the ideal front...

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  • Tillo Front Wing LA1600 (SKU-TILLO-FW-1600)

    Tillo Front Wing LA1600

    The LA1600 is the ultimate innovation for across-the-board performance in all-new foiling disciplines. A Low Aspect ratio front wing, it's designed to be versatile and progressive. Ideal for the practice of wing foil but equally adapted to wake, SUP,...

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  • Tillo WindFoil 1050 (SKU-TILLO-WINDF-1050)

    Tillo WindFoil 1050

    Made by TAAROA   This pack includes the following elements: HA 1050 Wing: This wing is designed with a unique race-oriented profile for lighter, more unstable wind in windfoil, and speed and stability in wingfoil. It offers incredible glide,...

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  • Tillo Formula F

    Tillo Formula F

    This design is based on the new olympic class board, 100% racing machine Formula style or Foil.  An evolution of our best formula board ever the FORMULA 82, a board that was develop over 7 years to find the perfect balance in every wind condition,...

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  • Tillo Freefoil (LS-210000018383)

    Tillo Freefoil

    Its time to get loose! The free foil is all about foil and fun. It has several foot strap options for getting outboard and going fast, or stay inboard and become a foil carve master! This board is fun in the waves, stay over the center line and carve up...

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  • Tillo Competition

    Tillo Competition

    The new Tillo Competition is designed specifically for Foil Windsurfing. No compromises in design! Be the fastest guy on the lake or challenge the best guys on the PWA. This board has been developed with input from top foil racers from all over the world...

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  • Till Convertible

    Tillo Convertible

    Foil - Slalom Convertible Board. One board that does everything Free Ride / Slalom / Windfoil. If you live anywhere thats not a high wind hotspot this is your #1 board. This is perfect for almost all conditions. And when its too windy for the foil,...

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