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Windsurfing Fins

  • AR- 'All around" Free Sailing

    AR- 'All around" Free Sailing

    The AR is a model to cover all conditions. Side-shore wave, on-shore wave, off-shore wave... It's the fin that does it all. This is accomplished by designing the smaller sizes with wave sweeps and bringing every size more upright to freewave shapes as...

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  • Freewave Fin

    Freewave Fin

    New G-10 construction for the most sailed freewave fin on the market. Maneuvers have never been easier! Top speed, early planning and upwind ability are just unreal on this model. Ideal for freewave conditions, the 21cm and the 23cm can be also use in...

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  • KP-RC Kevin Pritchard Racing

    KP-RC Kevin Pritchard Racing

    Maui Fin Company's new "Racing Bullet" developed with Kevin Pritchard and tested in all the PWA events. This fin boasts a new faster profile for exceptional early planing in the bigger racing sizes and incredible top end speed throughout the size range...

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  • Liquid Pro

    Liquid Pro

    New outline, new profile, new materials, the LIQUID PRO is the new freeride/freerace concept by MFC. The profile is generated by the SL and RC models, with incredible top speed, great planning and maneuverability. Ideal for Freeride/Freerace conditions,...

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