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Windsurfing Boards

  • 2020 STARBOARD START L RHINO (101320050100211)


    THE START AT A GLANCE   Popular with windsurfing schools as the first board to teach beginners on: LEARN IN 60 MINUTES. With its exceptional stability, there is no easier board to learn windsurfing on. The contour deck allows...

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  • BEACH 225D

    BEACH 225D

    Ideal for Medium to heavier beginnersLearning to windsurf with ease for any size riderSchools and rental operationsOne board for the entire family to learn with   The Beach 225 D is our highest volume windsurf model, making it ideal for medium to...

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  • techno 148

    TECHNO 148

    Ideal for Fast funboard planingPlaning in footstraps in all wind conditionsLearning to windsurf for lighter weight riders  

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