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Surf Foil Wings

  • Tillo Front Wing LA900 (SKU-TILLO-FW-900)

    Tillo Front Wing LA900

    The LA900 is designed to have an ideal balance between stability, reactivity and control. For wingfoil, the LA900 can be mounted on our UP mast for a fast and reactive setup, ideal for learning tricks. It also makes a progressive windfoil wing, or a...

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  • Tillo Front Wing LA1600 (SKU-TILLO-FW-1600)

    Tillo Front Wing LA1600

    The LA1600 is the ultimate innovation for across-the-board performance in all-new foiling disciplines. A Low Aspect ratio front wing, it's designed to be versatile and progressive. Ideal for the practice of wing foil but equally adapted to wake, SUP,...

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    Manta Wing 84cm (39020025)

    Manta Wing 84cm

    Designed for SUP foiling, the Manta 84 wing has the surface area and lift needed to get larger, heavier paddle boards up and cruising on small waves and rolling swell. A big wing span and relatively flat profile give it a super stable, floaty feel, while...

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    Batwing 65cm (39020019)

    Batwing 65cm

    The Bat Wing’s distinctive delta shape gives it dynamic side-to-side turning and agility that feels a bit like a quad-fin shortboard on the glassiest day you’ve ever surfed. This is a lively wing that takes a little getting used to (compared...

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    Colugo Wing 68cm (39020027)

    Colugo Wing 68cm

    With a flat profile, the Colugo wing delivers great side-to-side stability and long, drawn out carving that feels like your favorite longboard. The flat shape also gives it powerful pumping potential and plenty of lift for its size.     ...

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  • Arc Wing 68cm (39020020)

    Arc Wing 68cm

    The Arc wing is designed for proficient foilers who are ready to take on larger waves and higher speeds, or for towing into (and keeping up with) rolling swell out past the break. Add this along with the Futura Surf Package (Manta 76 wing) and...

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    Manta Wing 76cm (39020026)

    Manta Wing 76cm

    The wing featured in our Futura Surf Foil package, the Manta 76 is designed to make surf foiling approachable and fun in the tiny to medium size waves most foilers will stick to. Its shape and surface area provide the stability and lift that make it...

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    Manta Wing 99CM (320020039)

    Manta Wing 99CM

    Designed for maximum lift, stability and glide, the Manta 99 is an enlarged version of our popular Manta 76 and 84 foil wings. With the most surface area of any wing in our line, the Manta 99 is an excellent choice for bigger, heavier riders, or for...

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    MOBULA WING 60CM (320020040)


    If you're looking to extend your foil surfing into larger, faster waves, or are simply a smaller stature rider the Mobula 60 is the choice. Drafting of the DNA of the larger Manta wings but with a slimmer profile and reduced span making the lift highly...

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