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SUP Accessories

  • Electric BIXPY SUP JET

    Now you can paddle further and faster; fight wind and current; and explore more with security and confidence. Motorized SUPs are a great way for beginners to learn how to paddle board and the best way to get your family and friends onto the water. You...

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  • SUP Handle

    SUP Handle

    The EZ Plug Handle allows you to attach a handle on SUP, paddle, surfboards, canoes, kayaks, and other fiberglass marine crafts. (Not recommended for polypropylene surfaces.) Quick and easy to apply Rite-Lok instant adhesive (cyanoacrylate) application...

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  • SUP Universal Single Tone Deck Pad

    SUP Universal Single Tone Deck Pad

    0NSI's One Piece SUP Pad is a single piece, single color pad offered in NSI’s Universal shape. We have many colors to choose from including 6 different camo color options. NSI pads offer the ultimate in comfortable traction, performance and style. Like...

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  • Duotone i Rig

    iRIG - THE WORLD'S FIRST INFLATABLE WINDSURF SAIL NORTH KITEBOARDING the world's largest kite brand and NORTHSAILS Windsurf Riggs market leaders have joined forces to develop the most innovative rig ever. The result - the first inflatable surf sail...

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