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SUP Accessories

  • SUP Wheels

    SUP Wheels

    The Evolution carrier model - comes with strap handle. This flexible unit can be used to carry your board while you walk or bike. Relieves the burden of carrying your board, paddle, gear and freeing a hand too.   The unit is engineered...

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  • SUPThings Super Suction Cargo Net

    SUPThings Super Suction Cargo Net

    The SUPThings Super Suction Cargo Net is the best and easiest way to hold gear on your paddleboard. This patented design uses four very strong suction cups attached to corners of high-quality, metal-free bungee netting. The super-strong suction cups will...

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  • Rail Tape

    Rail Tape

    Protect your rails with this clean, tough peel and stick tape that protects the rails of your SUP

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  • SUP Handle

    SUP Handle

    The EZ Plug Handle allows you to attach a handle on SUP, paddle, surfboards, canoes, kayaks, and other fiberglass marine crafts. (Not recommended for polypropylene surfaces.) Quick and easy to apply Rite-Lok instant adhesive (cyanoacrylate) application...

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  • Leash Plug Kit

    Leash Plug Kit

    Application is quick and easy using a 3M very high bond peel and stick adhesive. No cutting into the board or resin mix required.

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