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    LEGACY K1 & K2 SPRINT KAYAKS The Legacy K1 M is the perfect boat for lighter paddlers weighing between 58 and 76 kg (128 to 167 lbs). ​ The Epic Legacy L is optimal for paddlers from 67 to 85 kg (147 to 187 lbs). ​ The Legacy XL is fastest for...

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  • Epic 14x Kayak

    Epic 14X

    he new Epic 14X is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a comfortable, efficient, and responsive day-touring kayak that is as easy to manage on land as it is in water. The hull design builds off the success of our popular V5 surfski, with the...

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  • Epic GPX

    Epic GPX 12'11"

    The Epic GPX appeals to a broad range of kayakers with its perfect blend of stability, light weight, and optimal tracking. Available in two construction types weighing in at 27lbs (Ultra) and 33lbs (Performance), carrying a GPX to and from the water is a...

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  • Sojourn 135

    Sojourn 135

    Description THE SOJOURN 135 is a day touring kayak for the masses that offers high initial stability pared with excellent speed and agility. At 13 feet 5 inches long, this Sojourn is long enough to hold its own against most kayaks you'll encounter on the...

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  • Hurricane Santee 116 sport

    Santee 116 sport

    Description When you’ve got the best in-class recreational kayak, what do you do next? You think about how to make that design accessible to more people. Recreational means a lot of different things to different paddlers. For some folks,...

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  • Hurricane Santee 126

    Santee 126

    Description When we designed the Santee 126, we didn’t set out to redefine recreational kayaks. Our goal was to redefine the recreational category. In other words, we wanted to bring a new standard to what rec paddlers could expect on the water,...

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  • Hurricane Santee 140T

    Santee 140T

    Description So you want a tandem kayak, which means you want an extra seat to share the experience, but you'd rather not paddle a polyethylene barge. That’s why we designed the Santee 140T ― a tandem kayak with a solo soul and...

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