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Pool Floats & Lounges

  • Super Soft® Pool Float

    Super Soft® Pool Float

    THE FAMOUS, ORIGINAL POOL FLOAT is soft and comfortable! One side is glossy smooth and the reversible side is textured. Full circle pillow for extra buoyancy, long lasting and durable, with added length for extra room to stretch and relax. Approximate...

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  • Ultra Sunsation Pool Float

    Looking for the float that supports everyone? Full thickness, everlasting quality and generous support, the Ultra Sunsation® has it all! Two and a half inches of full foam buoyancy! Bright, beautiful colors of glossy, antibacterial, fade...

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  • Sunsation® Pool Float

    Float on permanently buoyant, luxurious comfort with the everlasting quality of 1.75 inches of smooth vinyl coated foam that will not absorb water. This very popular float features a roll pillow, designed for extra buoyancy in the head area and support...

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  • Splash™ Pool Float

    Splash™ Pool Float

    Our famous Splash™ Pool Float is soft and comfortable! Glossy smooth with a full circle pillow for extra's long lasting and durable.  Make a splash with one of these bright colors- Orange Breeze, Bahama Blue, Marina Blue,...

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  • Serenity™ Pool Float

    Serenity™ Pool Float

    Stylish and smart! The colors of Serenity™ Pool Floats enhance backyard pools!  High quality vinyl coated foam - which will not deflate!  This beautiful float is soft and everlasting, durable and easy to clean. Economically designed...

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  • Sol Pool Float

    Sol Pool Float

    The Sol Pool Float’s design is the latest innovation to hit the closed-cell, vinyl-coated foam market in many years. It features a unique air pocket pillow that provides extra buoyancy and enhances head and neck support. The marine quality rope...

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  • Baja™ II Folding Lounge

    Baja™ II Folding Lounge

    Designed for ultimate relaxation and lounging, the Baja™ II Folding Lounge features soft, vinyl coated closed-cell foam with a full metal internal frame, along with internal steel reinforced arms for stability and durability. The backrest...

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  • Baja™ Folding Chair

    Baja™ Folding Chair

    Designed for ultimate sitting comfort, this Baja™ Folding Chair features vinyl coated closed-cell foam with a full metal frame, along with steel reinforced arms and a backrest that unfolds into a comfortable seated position. Enjoy your...

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  • Super Soft® Adjustable Recliner

    Super Soft® Adjustable Recliner

    Linger and lounge in your backyard oasis for years to come in the SUPER SOFT® Fully Adjustable Recliner. With its built-in headrest, extra-wide seat, oversized arms and recessed beverage holders, this luxurious float will become everyone’s...

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  • Adjustable Recliner

    Adjustable Recliner

    Adjusts to any position from fully folded to sitting, reclining, and fully horizontal. Convoluted Foam*Floats can be personalized with yacht or resort name and logo*

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  • Freestyle Jetski Docks

    Freestyle Jetski Docks

    Our inflatable Jet Ski Docks are a versatile floating platform designed to dock jet skis, SEA DOO’s and SEABOBS, with safe, easy access. The Jet Ski Docks are made with 100% welded seams using Drop Stitch material that can support thousands of pounds for...

  • Freestyle Docks

    Freestyle Docks

    Our inflatable work/play dock is a versatile floating platform that can support thousands of pounds for a variety of uses. The docks are made with 100% welded seams using Drop Stitch or 28 oz. Firmatex PVC vinyl. Each FreeStyle Dock can be customized to...

  • Freestyle Trampoline

    Freestyle Trampoline

    Fun for all yachts, boats and other vessels, the Freestyle Trampoline is made with 100% welded seams, using 28 oz. Firmatex PVC vinyl. Each FreeStyle Trampoline can be customized to your specific size requirement. In addition you can choose from an array...

  • Freestyle Pool

    Freestyle Pool

    All of our FreeStyle Pools are made from Drop Stitch material, 100% welded seams and can support hundreds of pounds. Our FreeStyle Pools are great for lounging and keeping unwanted marine life at bay. Each FreeStyle Pool can be customized to your...

  • Cruiser XL Slide

    Cruiser XL Slide

    Fun for all yachts, boats and other vessels, the “one size fits all” Cruiser XS water slide can mount onto the swim deck and or float flush in the water. Included are an array of color options, your personal logo on the slide, all accessories including 2...