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    Laser Bug

    Laser Bug

    Bug Fun and easy to sail youth training boat The Bug is a confidence inspiring junior training boat that is highly versatile. She can be sailed, rowed or motored with an optional outboard motor, thus providing the ability to be a trainer, a tender, and...

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  • Topaz Uno Plus

    Topaz Uno Plus

    The Topaz Uno Plus is simple and rewarding fun boat. Fast yet stable. Room for 1 to 3 people. Easy to rig, simple free-standing mast and sleeved main sail. The mainsail is easily reefed by wrapping it around the mast. Roomy and comfortable...

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  • Optimist Club Racer Package

    Optimist Club Racer Package

    The Club Racer includes: ·  McLaughlin "WORLD CHAMPION" HULL - The Club Racer comes with a time-tested hull that has won the US Nationals and the WORLDS. It's fast out of the box and ready to accept advanced racing...

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