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Kiteboarding Boards

  • 2019 The Flow 2.0 by Tona

    2019 The Flow 2.0 by Tona

    This board is Smooth, a joy to carve and soft on the landings. When Andre got together with Dereck to develop his signature board he wanted something that not only met his demands of throwing aerial tricks, but also reflected his style and love of...

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  • 2019 The Joy Ride

    2019 The Joy Ride

    A board for everyone. Fun & easy to ride. In the Caribbean it is common, and even encouraged, to leave your house and go wandering for no reason other than to get outside, interact with people and enjoy nature. To go for a “joy ride” is...

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  • 2019 The Pop 2.0 by Tona

    2019 The Pop 2.0 by Tona

    This board is known for being fast, grippy & explosive! The Pop was Tona’s debut kiteboard which we developed with our fellow riders in mind, and is Jake Kelsick’s favorite from our twin tip lineup. At the time of its conception there was...

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