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Kiteboarding Bindings & Straps

  • 2019 Duotone Boot

    2019 Duotone Boot

    The Duotone Boot is the benchmark in kiteboarding boots. Comfortable fit with maximum hold. DETAILS DUOTONE BOOT 2019 The Duotone Boot just keeps getting better! Driven by Team Rider Craig Cunningham and taking inspiration from our international...

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    2020 DUALLY

    2020 DUALLY

    For 2020, we stripped our existing Dually platform down to the bones and rebuilt it from the toes up. The result is a reimagined and reengineered binding that provides better grip, leverage and board control, more reactive handling and happier feet. Now...

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    ENTITY ERGO   The revolutionary Entity Ergo is setting the new benchmark in hold, ergonomy, safety and comfort.   DETAILS   DUOTONE ENTITY 2020   The skeleton of a foot consists of 28 bones. The foot bones can be divided into...

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    2019 Apex

    2020 Naish Apex

    APEX BINDINGS   Designed for superior comfort, the Apex is the market’s leading ergonomic binding for all styles of twin tip riding in a stealthy new colorway. It features a full array of adjustment settings to easily adapt to feet of any size...

    MSRP: $190.00
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    Now: $169.00
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  • 2020 Surf Strap

    2020 Surf Strap

    With a NEW 2” wider hole pattern your foot is right where you need it - straddling your fin box. Properly placed footing over your rear fins gives you the ultimate power position for throwing big and riding more aggressively. Paired with our new...

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  • Lite Speed Kite Race Footstrap

    Ultra-Light, Race Specific!   NSI's long standing, much tested ultra light weight footstrap has received a lot of attention in the kite race scene. These foam, fabric and soft foam under layer are the perfect choice for comfort and super light...

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  • Litewave Biometric Sandal Binding

    Litewave Biometric Sandal Binding

    The Litewave Biometric Binding is back again for 2017, and has all the comfort you'd expect from a Litewave Dave designed product. The Biometric Binding features dual velcro straps for a solid foot-to-board connection, several options for "duck...

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  • Litewave FLS Sandal Binding

    Litewave FLS Sandal Binding S/M Only

    Litewave Lace-up: The patent-pending Litewave Foot Lock System (FLS) Sandal is the best foot-to-board connection available period.   A 6” wide lace-up section covers more of your foot for more edge control than a footstrap...

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  • NSI Heel Straps

    NSI Heel Straps

    SKU: HS In 2001 NSI introduced the first heel straps that utilized inner tubes. Although this was a great concept, installation was a hassle and the straps had a tendency to slip off unless they were uncomfortably tight. To solve these problems, NSI...

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  • SuperBinding


    Learn more   SuperBindingSupreme comfort & support. Aiming at Twintip riders looking for the very best kite binding on the market. Tested and approved by Kevin, the SuperBinding has been designed with supreme comfort, and severe...

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  • Tona Slippas Footstraps

    Tona Slippas Footstraps

    Light, Comfy & Adjustable No matter the occasion, the appropriate choice of footwear in the Caribbean is slippers, or flip flops as some people call them. Simple, reliable, and most of all comfortable. This is what we had in mind when we chose our...

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