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Inflatable SUPs

  • Blackfoot Angler 11' iSUP

    Blackfoot Angler 11' iSUP

    The Blackfoot Angler 11 is purpose-built for those who enjoy the challenge of chasing (and catching) fish on a stand-up paddleboard. Features such as multiple universal mounts and an integrated MOLLE plate provide multiple attachment points for your...

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  • Cascade 10'0" iSUP Package

    Cascade 10'0" iSUP Package

    The Cascade 10 is designed for the recreational enthusiast or occasional paddler looking for an easy-to-inflate board with quality features like Drop-stitch construction and thoughtful amenities such as a built-in universal accessory mount and front...

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  • Cascade 11'0" iSUP Package

    Cascade 11'0" iSUP Package

    With its longer length and width, the Cascade 11 is designed with glide and stability in mind for recreational paddlers up to 300 pounds. Using 15 cm FSL drop-stitch construction, we achieve superior stiffness and paddling performance in a lightweight,...

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  • Kush 11'0" iSUP

    Kush 11'0" iSUP

    With its wider deck, the Kush 11 is built for outstanding stability, glide, and a thoroughly relaxed ride. Weighing in at just under 24 pounds, the Kush utilizes 15 cm FSL drop-stitch construction to achieve board stiffness and paddling performance in an...

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  • Roam 12'6" iSUP

    Roam 12'6" iSUP

    Optimized for stiffness, speed, and glide, the Roam is a lightweight touring board with extra creature comforts that make it ideal for your next adventure. With its extended, narrow deck, the Roam is built to go fast and far without having to sacrifice...

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