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Formula and Slalom

  • 2022 Tillo Convertible 125

    2022 Tillo Convertible 125

    Tillo Convertible Foil - Slalom Convertible Board. One board that does everything Free Ride / Slalom / Windfoil. If you live anywhere thats not a high wind hotspot this is your #1 board. This is perfect for almost all conditions. And when its too windy...

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  • Tillo Formula F

    Tillo Formula F

    This design is based on the new olympic class board, 100% racing machine Formula style or Foil.  An evolution of our best formula board ever the FORMULA 82, a board that was develop over 7 years to find the perfect balance in every wind condition,...

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  • Tillo Slalom

    Tillo Slalom

    The Tillo Slalom boards are designed for maximum control at top speed, either on the race course or at your local spot. Alex's designs allow you to forget about your gear and focus on the wind! Alex has refined these shapes over the years to bring us to...

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