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Windsurfing Foils & Boards

  • 2019 F-One Levo 900 WindFoil

    2019 F-One Levo 900 WindFoil

    The LEVO 900 wing was especially designed for windfoiling: it has a very long span to provide all the stability required for foiling on a windsurf board and its surface area of 900cm² is large enough to provide all the lift needed. Designed...

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  • Gravity 2200 Complete Foil

    F-One Gravity 2200

    The F-ONE GRAVITY 2200 wing is ideal for riders >80kg or using boards >7’0. It is designed to surf the smallest waves, venture on downwinders and fly with a Surf Wing. Maximum lift with smooth delivery Very stable and intuitive Pumping...

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