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  • Epoxy 2 Piece SDM Mast

    Epoxy 2 Piece SDM Mast

      Product Details The Chinook Sailing Epoxy and Fiberglass Mast is a strong economical option for sailers on a budget. Chinook Epoxy Fiberglass SDM masts fill the void left by the carbon craze. Windsurfing doesn't have to be...

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  • Epoxy SDM Mast

    Epoxy SDM Mast

    Durable epoxy and fiberglass construction. Improved design and performance. Manufactured in Europe. Available in 400cm, 430cm, and 460cm. All Standard Diameter (SDM).

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  • Epoxy RDM Mast

    Epoxy RDM Mast

    These masts are all about value and durability. The epoxy composite construction will stand up to the abuse of school use and offers the first timer a super durable affordable mast. 100% Epoxy Construction Two piece mast RDM/Reduced diameter ...

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