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  • 2020 AeroFoil

    2020 AeroFoil

    Concept: Foiling / Freeride This 2-cam sail has the perfect power and stability for getting up on to a foil. With Technora paneling on the leech this is one of the lightest cambered sails on the...

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  • Phantom

    PHANTOM Concept:On-ShoreWave On-shore wave sail with its leech cutout just above the boom this sail offers great handling due to the shorter boom length. This sail is a wave sail first, but due to...

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  • Air X Sail

    Air X

    It is a compact sail with shorter luff and boom lengths. This gives the sail a lighter feel and allows the full range to work with as few as two masts. This sail bridges the gap between freestyle and...

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  • Aerotech charge


    The Charge is Aerotech's down-the-line wave sail. This model has the ability to hold good power when needed but remains neutral for transitions or wave riding. The Charge features a 'drop-clew'...

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  • Dagger


    The Dagger is Aerotech’s longboard racing sail. This model has been updated to 100% grid construction. With longboards making a huge comeback into the market, Aerotech has just the motor that these...

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  • FreeSpeed

    The FreeSpeed is a no cam slalom sail designed for fast freeriding. It’s built tough and has a very powerful shape. With a combination of vertical and horizontal seam shaping, this sail allows...

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  • Future Sail

    Future Sail Only

    FUTURE Concept:Youth The Future sail is designed for a child or young adult’s first few days on the water. The sail is built in the Aerotech tradition using all grid construction to offer both...

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  • Rapid Fire

    Rapid Fire

    This was the first slalom sail to offer 100% grid construction and that tradition continues. This twin cam slalom series features one cam below the boom and one above. Its new double vertical luff...

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  • VMG


    The VMG is Aerotech’s all out race sail. This model has been tweaked on the winning ways of the earlier model. With even more shape and double vertical shaping panels you will find it has an even...

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  • WindSUP Sail

    WindSUP Sail only

    The windSUP is all about bringing windsurfing back to a simpler time with a few modern touches. The sail can go from the roof of your car to the water in under a minute. Just pull the mast bag off,...

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