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    The YAKKAir HP2 Fishing is carried in a wheeled back-pack for easy transport, whether you’re on foot or by car. It only takes a few minutes to set up and is ideal for reaching difficult...

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  • Bic Triniddad Kayak

    Bic Triniddad Kayak

    DUO COMPACT The Trinidad is a kayak purpose-built for leisure : compact, able to seat two adults and a child, it’s highly versatile and stable, making it suitable for all kinds of situations...

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  • Bic Kalao Kayak

    Bic Kalao Kayak

    THE FAMILY KAYAK The Kalao is quite the 4x4 of the kayak world. Equally at ease on the sea, rivers or for fun, it really is the kayak for all adventures. Like all BIC Sport kayaks it features plenty...

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  • Bic Scapa Kayak

    Bic Scapa Kayak

    SCAPA FIT: FAST CRUISING With its narrow, water-cutting bow section and clean hull shape, the Scapa is a boat that is designed for speed. The look matches the feel in every way but still retains the...

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  • Bic Borneo Kayak

    Bic Borneo Kayak

    100% CONVERTIBLE MONO/DUO Inspired by the legendary Tobago, a best seller for 10 years now, the new Borneo is a brand new family oriented double Sit-On-Top, with a number of innovative features,...

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  • Bic Bilbao Kayak

    Bic Bilbao Kayak

    BILBAO: VERSATILE KAYAK The BIC Sport Bilbao is a versatile kayak that will suit beginners and experienced kayakers alike. Whether you’re paddling for sport, exploring, diving or having a quick...

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  • Bic Tobago Kayak

    Bic Tobago Kayak

    KAYAK AS A COUPLE The Tobago is the perfect kayak for all the family and all uses. Its ergonomic seating positions and well researched design provide for several possibilities of use: 2-adult...

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  • Bic Ouassou Kayak

    Bic Ouassou Kayak

    THE FUN KAYAK ! The Ouassou is designed as a versatile and manoeuvrabile kayak ideal for beach fun. The stern handles let you hang on and swim and allow easy access on board. The Ouassou also handles...

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